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Stormy and humid through the weekend

The WBZ Weather Team is continuing the NEXT Weather Alert through the upcoming weekend.  This time, instead of heat, we are tracking several rounds of thunderstorms.

After the hottest week in a few years, now the pattern becomes unsettled and stormy.

The Storms Prediction Center has placed parts of New England in low to marginal risk for severe thunderstorms each day through the weekend.

Right now, there is no particular timeframe they are highlighting with an increased risk or chance for a higher end severe weather outbreak.

Any storms that do develop in the next few days could certainly contain very heavy downpours, leading to localized flooding.

In addition, there is also a chance of small hail and/or pockets of damaging wind gusts.

The timing of highest risk will vary a bit each day.  Friday storms are most likely between 1-8pm and could form and drift anywhere through southern New England.

On Saturday, the period of greatest storm risk is a tad earlier between noon and 6pm.

On Sunday, the storms will be located up in central and northern New England early in the day but in southern New England, the greatest risk comes during the late afternoon and evening.

One thing you will certainly notice is that while temperatures will be a bit cooler this weekend compared to the last several days, the humidity will remain very high.

If you are thinking of heading north or south to try and avoid the storms, there really won’t be any corner of New England that is completely storm-free.

The northern mountains will have a fairly high risk of storms each day.  The risk is a bit lower down on the Cape and Islands but we still cannot rule out a few scattered storms each day.

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