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December arrives this week, still no snow in the forecast

Happy Monday!

This week we enter into meteorological winter as December arrives on Thursday.  As of now, there remains no snow in the forecast, just a couple of windswept rain events to track in the next 7 days.

The next 48 hours will be relatively quiet…Tuesday will be about 10 degrees cooler than today with highs in the 40s, keep in mind the average high for this time of year is 47, so we won’t be far off.

We may have an “alert-worthy” event on Wednesday (we will make that determination tomorrow)…The day will start quiet with increasing clouds.  Rain will move in during the afternoon from west to east and be heaviest between about 4pm and midnight.  We should pick up a widespread .5″ to 1.0″ in about 6 hours.

The greater impact and concern will be the winds that come along with the rain.  We expect gusts between 30-50mph out of the south-southwest Wednesday evening…perhaps even a few between 50-60mph.  This certainly could be enough to bring some limbs down and cause some minor damage.

The rain will be long gone by Thursday, but the winds will remain gusty out of the west-northwest.  Looks like a cold and windy evening for the Patriots and Bills at Gillette.  

The winds will settle down by Friday, just in time for all the superbowl games at Gillette.

Saturday looks like a repeat of Wednesday with yet another windswept rain event in the PM.

Those playing at Gillette Saturday evening won’t be as lucky…

Sunday looks dry but windy and cold.

Click here for Westford snow storm data and past totals or select “Winter Snowfall“ under “Pages” on the left hand side.

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