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Great stretch of weather

Happy Tuesday!

The Sun has returned!!

We have some amazing weather ahead for the next several days.  Classic fall-feel September in New England kinda stuff.

I don’t have to tell anyone; it has been a rough stretch as of late.  Rain has fallen in Boston on 7 of the last 10 days.

Monday’s rainfall brought both Boston and Worcester closer to their yearly rainfall averages.  Yes I said YEARLY.  With three and a half months to go in 2023!

Anyhow, back to the good stuff…

The forecast through Friday…nearly the same each day.

Lots of sunshine, dry air, warm days (70s) and cool nights.

These weather conditions should start bring out some of the first fall colors of the season up north and we should also start seeing some color in the local swamps and bogs.

Next chance of rain arrives this weekend…of course.  We are watching an area of clouds off the southeastern coastline.  The National Hurricane center has labeled it with a 30% chance of developing into a tropical depression.

Whether it becomes a tropical system or not, it will tend to blossom later this week and get drawn northward this weekend.

This COULD mean a very wet Sunday here in southern New England.  However, as of now, I would say there is an equal chance that the rain gets shunted south of us and high pressure continues to dominate our weather.  Stay tuned!

Click here for Westford snow storm data and past totals or select “Winter Snowfall“ under “Pages” on the left hand side.

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