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Nor’easter update

The March Nor’easter rages on…

At this hour we have:

-Tens of thousands without power in Massachusetts, most in the higher elevations of Berkshire and Worcester county.

-Winds gusting frequently along the Coast between 25-50mph

-Over 2 FEET of snow in a few towns with more than 1,000 feet of elevation including Ashby, MA which currently has 27.3″ of snow

-More snow to come…tonight, see below

Timeline, remainder of the storm:

As darkness arrives tonight, the snow will continue to pinwheel into eastern MA in bands.  At times, the snow will be heavy and other times there will be lulls in the action.  The snow should start to accumulate a bit more readily after 7pm.

Between 10pm and Midnight, the intensity of the snow will begin to decrease, and the accumulation will begin to end.  There will be some lighter snow showers after midnight, but those should have very little impact.

The winds will remain gusty tonight and likely pick up as they veer to the north and northwest after midnight.

We will stay gusty Wednesday, mainly between 20-40mph, this will certainly make it tough for crews trying to get power back to those in the dark.

These are the final projected snow totals for the area…most of which has already fallen in central and western MA.  This evening we expect an additional 2-4″, on average, in most of eastern and central MA.  The exception, down in southeastern MA and over Cape Cod where we will see scattered coatings to a few inches.

Driving will be treacherous at times this evening and overnight with the additional snowfall.

Conditions will improve significantly by Wednesday morning and through the day on Wednesday.

Some good news…temperatures will be fairly mild for the next several days.

This will promote a lot of melting, although, highs will be 5-10 degrees colder in central MA with the big snowpack.

The next storm is a much weaker one and will bring just some rain showers to our area on Friday and Saturday.

Click here for Westford snow storm data and past totals or select “Winter Snowfall“ under “Pages” on the left hand side.

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