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Record Cold Saturday!

The plunge is underway!

Boston’s official high temperature for the day Friday (33 degrees) occurred just after midnight and it has been downhill ever since.  Temperatures will continue to tick down throughout the day Friday, dropping into the single digits by this evening.

By midnight, Boston (and most of the suburbs) will have dipped below zero.  In fact, there is a chance of nearing the record low for Friday (-5) in the City, set back in 1881!

The winds will add insult to injury.  There will be northwesterly gusts between 25-45mph all day Friday and throughout Friday night.  Combine the record cold temperatures and the biting winds and you get absolutely absurd wind chill values as low as -30 to -40 degrees.

Saturday morning will be absolutely brutal.  Record lows will be smashed throughout New England.  Boston will easily topple the current record of -2 set back in 1886.  Just about every corner of New England will be below zero with the possible exception of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

This will be the first time Boston has experienced below zero temperatures in 5 years!  And, it has only happened in the City 6 times in the last 10 years.

Thankfully, we will recover very quickly this weekend!  In fact, we are forecasting highs in the mid to upper 40s on Sunday.  If we do indeed rise from 8 below to 46 above in 30 hours, this would be a 30-hour record for Boston!

Look at these forecast high temperatures over the next 5 days!  We get right back to our mild winter…

Few final notes/tidbits…

We will be watching the temperatures and winds atop Mount Washington today…they could approach the all-time record low for New England (-50 degrees)…the wind chills will routinely be close to -100 degrees!

If you hear a loud boom tonight or tomorrow, don’t be concerned, it is probably just a frost quake!  With temperatures this cold, water underground will freeze, which could cause some pressure and cracking.

And now, I leave you with positive vibes!  Today marks the first day when we have sunsets AFTER 5pm!  Tough day to get out and enjoy the sunset unfortunately…

Click here for Westford snow storm data and past totals or select “Winter Snowfall“ under “Pages” on the left hand side.

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