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Quiet week ahead

Happy Monday!  Don’t know about you, but waking up this morning was tougher than usual on a Monday.

That time change really messes with your head.  Yesterday seemed like the longest day in history and the Patriots were no help!

And, even worse, most of us will be driving home in the dark later today.

Look on the bright side, just about a month more of sunsets getting earlier and then we start going the other way, albeit slowly…

This week will be a fairly quiet/boring in the weather office.  Pretty standard November stuff.

Right now the jetstream is very “zonal”, meaning no big dips, so therefore, we do not expect any big storms for a while.

What does comes through our area will be quick moving and with fairly light precipitation as well.

We get a few showers late tonight and into early Tuesday…

Then a brief warmup, Tuesday afternoon will be the mildest period of the week…

Then, we quickly dip back below average for the rest of the week…

Another weak, fast-moving system comes through Wednesday night and Thursday…this will bring some light rain showers to southern New England, mixed with a bit of sleet in the higher elevations north and west of Boston.  No biggie…

And finally, this weekend looks cool and quiet.  Another chance to finish up your fall yard work.

Beyond that, it looks like a warmup as we head towards the middle and end of November.  Much of the Country, most notably the central and eastern U.S. will see warmer than average temperatures in the longer range.

Have a great week!

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