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What a weekend!

Happy Thursday before a holiday weekend!

Man I love it when the forecast is nice and easy heading into a big holiday weekend!

I am not sure we could ask for much better weather than what we have coming over the next several days.  Pretty much perfect for any and all outdoor activities.  The one thing to keep in mind, the Ocean is still very cold, mid to upper 50s. So, local seabreezes will definitely make the beaches a bit chilly at times.  And, if you are thinking about going in the water…well, good luck!

The cold front that came through last night with some beneficial rainfall has cleared out most of the wildfire haze…today we will have blue skies dotted with some decorative cumulus.  Today will also be the coolest day of the next bunch with highs in the 60s.

Friday will be another beauty of a day, a few degrees milder than today.

If you are thinking of hitting the beaches tomorrow, there will be a cool seabreeze in the afternoon, but otherwise, great conditions.

High tides over the weekend are generally late in the afternoon.  The winds will generally be light and flip flopping onshore at times.

Cape Cod and the Islands looking quite nice for this early in the season!

Basically, good grillin’ wherever you may roam!

Last but not least…the National Weather Service came out with their Atlantic hurricane forecast for 2023 this morning…A near to slightly below average season expected.

Here are the names…


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