Design and Construction

Site construction and equipment installation are well underway as of mid-September. Check these photos to see the latest progress at Ronan’s playground. The site is changing daily, so be sure to check back for more photos.

September 15, 2009

img_2055.JPG img_2056.JPG img_2066.JPG img_2076.JPG

September 24, 2009

img_2079.JPG img_2080.JPG img_2083.JPG img_2085.JPG

September 29, 2009

img_2087.JPG img_2089.JPG img_2093.JPG img_2096.JPG

img_2101.JPG img_2107.JPG img_2110.JPG img_2118.JPG

img_2127.JPG img_2132.JPG img_2140.JPG

Special thanks to all our volunteers, as well as Mahoney’s Garden Center and Short Cut Landscaping for helping with all our planting on October 3 and 4.

img_2209.JPG img_2215.JPG img_2219.JPG img_2222.JPG

img_2223.JPG img_2228.JPG img_2229.JPG

More updates from October 10 and 11.

img_2230.JPG img_2232.JPG img_2233.JPG img_2242.JPG

img_2245.JPG img_2247.JPG img_2248.JPG img_2250.JPG


Week of October 12th – the poured-in-place rubber is installed in portions of the swing area, 2-5 play area, and 5-12 area. Note the first first layer of black is installed, and then the final layer of green goes over it.

img_2261.JPG img_2275.JPG img_2278.JPG img_2279.JPG


October 21st – Parks and Recreation and Highway crew help by spreading the rubber mulch surfacing. See the photos below with the surfacing in place.

img_2281.JPG img_2283.JPG img_2286.JPG img_2289.JPG

img_2295.JPG img_2296.JPG

Click on the links below to see renderings of our preliminary design and layout.