The playground is open Рwe hope to see you there! 

Visiting The Playground and Beach

Ronan’s Playground is free and open to the public. Edwards Beach is open from June 19-August 21 from 9-5 daily. Use of the beach is free for Westford residents. Non-residents fee is $5 per person. Or a 2010 Town Beach Pass is also available. This allows a family of up to two adults and three children access to the Town beaches (Edwards Beach and Forge Pond) for the 2010 season. A family is defined as people living in the same household.

Ronan McElligott Memorial Playground is a volunteer fundraising effort to build a Boundless Playground, a fully handicap-accessible playground in Westford, Massachusetts. The playground will be located at Edwards Beach (55 Williams Avenue)and is being built in memory of 5-month-old Ronan McElligott, who passed away in August 2007.

Going to a playground is an important part of growing up, something we all remember from our childhoods, and something that those of us with children of our own probably do frequently. But for one in ten children, going to a traditional playground can mean sitting on the sidelines and watching friends and siblings play.

It’s not always an obvious disability that makes using a traditional playground impossible. It’s not just the child in the wheelchair. It’s the developmentally disabled or autistic child. It’s the child with Down syndrome. It’s the child with visual or other sensory impairment. For all of these children, and our son Ronan, we’re creating a place to play.

Our project will be funded through private donations. We will need to raise approximately $280,000 to construct this playground. These funds will pay for universally accessible surfacing and pathways so that children with wheelchairs and walkers can get around safely. It will provide swings and bouncers with neck and back supports. It will include wide ramps instead of stairs so that every child can reach the highest play deck. And it will include special activities to support children with sensory or developmental disabilities.

Boundless Playgrounds is the first national non-profit dedicated to helping communities create extraordinary barrier-free playgrounds where children, with and without disabilities, can develop essential skills for life as they learn together through play. Visit www.boundlessplaygrounds.org to learn more.

Because every child deserves a place to play.