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Westford Parent Connection History

The Westford Parent Connection (WPC) was formed in 2001 to provide parent enrichment, parenting networks, and a focal point to address the social and emotional issues that affect today's children. The group’s mission is accomplished by offering a variety of parent enrichment programs, speaker events, and educational workshops throughout the school year.

The Westford Parent Connection collaborates with the Westford Public School system, the Westford Elementary and Middle School Parent Teacher Organizations, the Roudenbush Community Center, the Westford Health Department, and Westford Against Substance Abuse to provide a comprehensive set of resources for parents.

In the years since the Westford Parent Connection was founded, the group has been fortunate to be able to provide a greater number of programs, with a more diverse schedule of events.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Westford Parenting Connection is to:

  • Provide parent enrichment in Westford
  • Provide a parenting network in Westford
  • Sponsor speakers, workshops, and other parent education classes
  • Provide a collaborative effort to address parenting issues as identified in the WPC survey

These goals are accomplished through:

  • Speaker events held throughout the school year
  • Educational workshops

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