WA Athletic Boosters Scholarship Drive

The Scholarship Drive was a huge S-U-C-C-E-S-S  thanks to your generosity!

Mandatory Fall Team Participation

On Saturday, September 14, 2019,  after Fall Sports Team photos are taken, we ask that all athletes participate in our Annual “Scholarship” Canister Drive by working with us for approximately 2 hours.   The funds raised are to be used for the scholarships that the Boosters award each year to deserving senior athletes.    In the spring of 2019, we awarded over 30 scholarships to the athletes from the Class of 20198.

How Does it Work?

Teams divide themselves into groups of 4 and will then receive a ‘route’ or a retail location in which to solicit funds for the Westford Athletic Boosters Club.    When given a route, the student athletes go to particular streets in Westford and request donations on behalf of the WA Athletic Booster Club; in the event that the student is given a retail location, the athletes head to that location (ex. Starbucks, Paul’s Diner, Dunkin Donuts, etc) and stay for about 1½ hours before they are relieved by another group.

Parent Drivers Needed!

Because many of the student athletes are not able to drive (or to drive others), we need parents to drive the students to the neighborhoods or to the retail locations.   Please coordinate drivers for the teams/students so that all athletes can participate.  A good time to do this is the evening of Jeff Bunyon’s Fall Sports Night ( in the Performing Arts Center.)

This fundraiser is very successful because of all of the effort of our student athletes, and the generosity of the Westford community.

Thank you!