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As an independent non-profit, the PCA is almost entirely run by our volunteers, from the board to our event organizers and the people who set up tables and chairs (often the same people). We have a great part-time manager who keeps the place humming smoothly, but you get the idea…we are a community-run art center and depend on our volunteers’ generous donation of time and energy to make us what we are.

Why volunteer?

  • You believe art, music, and other gatherings are vital to building and enriching our community
  • Make interesting new friends
  • Meet cool musicians and artists who believe passionately in their music and art
  • Learn cool new skills like setting up a professional sound system
  • Know that your hometown is a better place because of your efforts
  • Watch less TV

Still not sure? Read on…

Who volunteers at the PCA?

Everyone, from teens to retired adults! Just bring your smile and a desire to help. Teens, the PCA is a great way to build your community service hours.

What do volunteers do?

Everything from organizing new programs to helping out at existing events. The PCA is run exclusively by volunteers with a variety of skills and interests. You choose how to help. Here are some examples:
  • Chaperone Teen Arts nights
  • Set up/put away tables/chairs for a concert (1-2 hours)
  • Greet attendees/take tickets at the door (1-2 hours)
  • For some events: setup/serve refreshments (1-2 hours)
  • Help artists hang/remove artwork and manage logistics
  • Sound technician – set up/run/put away the PCA audio system for concerts (don’t worry, we’ll teach you how)
  • Help with major events like the annual WRAE art event
  • Provide fund-raising, PR, or website expertise to promote PCA events

What is the time commitment?

It’s your choice… anything from one hour for one event to a dozen hours throughout the year

But I have no experience

No problem. We all work as a team and help each other. Almost all programs also have written, step-by-step guidelines 

Any major events at which I can help?

Westford Regional Art Event (annual art show)

(Anywhere from a 2-6 hour, one day commitment)

  • Receive artwork (400+ pieces)
  • Judging (move artwork into categories for judges to evaluate)
  • Hanging artwork
  • Help with decor
  • Help with food preparation/setup/serving
  • Clean up after receptions
  • Assist with artwork pickup

PCA Gallery Committee Artist of the Month 

Evaluate potential artists 1x year with the Gallery Committee

Choose 1 month to be the artist’s contact to meet & assist him/her w/show set-up and reception. (commitment 2 hours in 1 month)

Produce Your Own Event!

Want to put together an author reading session, or a poetry contest? Maybe a Moth story-telling night. We welcome creative new ideas for our space. Or join an existing committee. Just contact us and we’ll assign a PCA mentor to help you bring the event to our stage! 

Where do I sign up?

Great question! Call us at 978-692-6333 or email
Thank you in advance for any time you can offer the PCA, because without volunteers like you, we would cease to exist!

PCA….Powered by People!