Bell Tower Sponsors

Marcia Dana
Enterprise Bank
Jamie Holmes
Middlesex Savings Bank
Raj and Vineeta Puranik

Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union
Natalie & Paul Sandore

Jan & Ian Bryson
Sue & Bruce Bonner
Tom & Carolyn Lumenello

Family Eye Care Center
John Giannino
Kristin & Darwin Gillett
Mary & Robert Hartmann
Don Johnson
Penny & Dan LaCroix
Cathy Lane
William & Elizabeth McGuire
Laurie Miller
Peter & Sally Nelson
Julie Ottesen
Cheryl Serpe
Sandra & Joshua Shapiro
Emily & Tom Teller
Sandy Wright & John Fairbanks
David Feng

Donations Up to $100
Beverly Abegg
Nancy Arbeene
Pauline & Julian Arms
Tom & Pat Briere
Jo Crawford and Thomas Dahl
James Curran & Yolanda Rigali
Maureen & John Denison
Joana & Casey Donaher
John Ferullo
Susan Hamalainen
Mary Hanley
Heidi & Gary Hatke
Leslie & Stewart Hitelman
Kate Hollister
Indian Folk Dance Series
Sheldon Kolansky
Diane Landry
Marcia & Jason Macres
Eleanor & Richard Olson
David & Jean LaRoche-Owens
Kishore Ramachandran
Karen Roop
Janice & Robert Sanzo
Joseph & Jean Solodiuk
Valerie & Charles Trantanella
Kristin & Peter Vegeto
Karen Wilson
Marcia Young
Sarah and Erik Ledder

Get Involved

As a community organization, the PCA is run almost entirely by volunteers, and funded through the generosity of our members. Event revenue alone, while important, does not cover the cost of many of our programs.

There are several ways you can get involved:

  • Become a member – we have several levels of membership, and you can be assured every dollar goes toward the programs or the maintenance of our historic building.
  • Volunteer – even a few hours a month can be impactful, regardless of background. As a bonus, you’ll get to meet and work with your fellow town residents and neighbors.
  • Subscribe to our email newsletter
  • Follow us on Facebook – you’ll hear about our upcoming events, and you can help us spread the word through your network. Simply click on the Facebook links in the left column.
  • Propose or organize an event – If you have an idea for more events or programs at the PCA, let us know. All our events are initiated by community members like you! We will help bring your vision to life.