Rick Lowe

Sun, Nov 29 - Thu, Dec 31 @ All Day

"With her Locks" - Rick Lowe

Rick’s paintings express his love for all living things, past and present and finding peace in a world where your imagination knows no bounds. Rick’s art is inspired by the design of nature and natural subjects.

His interests include developing the skills required for Chinese brush painting in which he combines this artistry with his own to produce a unique style of art. An example of this is one painting created on handmade Chinese paper made with the traditional methods of hand papermaking. The work featured here is entitled “With Her Locks” and was painted using a brush made of hair from Rick’s wife Jeri. Please welcome Mr. Rick Lowe as the PCA Artist of the Month during December and January.

Watch Rick’s interview with Patty Stocker of Westford Cable TV (WCAT) below


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