Zotkina-Peura, Harris, Sullivan and Sturm

Sun, Mar 7 - Sun, Apr 11 @ 12:00 am

The Parish Center for the Arts Artist of the Month series is pleased to present a uniquely talented group of artists to the Virtual Gallery. The exhibit contains a variety of artwork ranging from nature, animal subjects, landscapes, and textures created in oils, pastes, acrylics and ink drawings. The artists are all from the Massachusetts area and have known each other for many years. Please welcome these four very talented artists as PCA Artists of the Month.

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Oksana Zotkina Peura        Cynthia Harris        Mary Perry Sullivan        John Sturm



Oksana Zotkina Peura

Oksansa Zotkina Peura’s art reflects her fascination with the animal world and nature in general. She considers herself very fortunate to be living in New England for the past 20+ years surrounded by beautiful landscapes and open skies which continually provide a source of inspiration for her oil and acrylic paintings. Oksana can be contacted at oksana.zotkina@gmail.com



Cynthia Harris

Cynthia Harris considers art to be a form of communication through emotions; something that cannot be put into words may be expressed through drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. The visual language fills the gap where words are inadequate. Her work in scratchboard, oil and acrylic media, reflect her passion for nature’s inspiration found in the flora and fauna of different earth ecosystems. Capturing the essence of the subject in her paintings, she hopes to raise awareness of endangered species. For more information about her artwork contact Cynthia at cjharris5@hotmail.com



Mary Perry Sullivan

Mary Perry Sullivan is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design ( BFA, Painting and Illustration) and a resident of Shirley MA and has worked in interior decorating, freelance design, and education. She works primarily in oil pastels and acrylics, concentrating on textures and shapes in landscape and figures. Mary’s contact information is mpersull1946@gmail.com



John Benvenuti Sturm

John Benvenuti Sturm is a member of the ARTS STUDENTS LEAGUE in N.Y, N.Y. He has been creating street art in and around the New York area, primarily ink drawings. Wherever people gather, John explores the creative possibilities using his art materials which are always with him. He recently moved to New England and started painting with watercolors while hiking the trails of New Hampshire and New York state. For more information about his artwork: johnsturm1941@gmail.com

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