Nancy French, Tamara Gonda, and Edward Stein: Watercolor, Mixed Media, and Acrylic

Sun, Nov 24 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Nancy French, Tamara Gonda, and Ed Stein are three artists with different approaches to abstract art. Meet the artists at their reception and view a unique exhibit of landscapes, patterns, nature-inspired paintings, and pure expressionism.

  • Nancy French uses watercolor as the medium, her abstract landscapes and patterns are guided by her intuitive sense of form and how materials “work.”
  • Tamara Gonda’s abstract paintings focus on color and how it works against the other hues and tones in her art.
  • Ed Stein’s love of science is reflected in the abstract mixed media paintings he creates, using various materials and application techniques to influence the behavior of paint on the substrate.

Despite their diverse styles, the three artists share a passion for color, texture, and pattern. The resulting body of work captures an exciting and intuitive approach to creating art.

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