Afloat: Nancy Rich, Photography

Sun, Apr 11 - Wed, May 12 @ 12:00 am

The Parish Center for the Arts, Artist of the Month Virtual Gallery, is pleased to welcome Nancy Rich with a collection of photographs entitled, “Afloat.” Since retiring in 2016, Nancy focuses her creative passions using her digital camera to make images that bring joy, beauty, and a sense of wonder. “I’ve always had a voracious appetite to figuratively wrap my arms around most anything I see. The camera helps me do this. I want to understand what makes things tick and the science behind their being.” Portraiture, travel, and macro photography inspire much of Nancy’s work. Each type of photography feeds her creative need to explore, experiment, and learn.

A particular draw for Nancy has been the captivating and unpredictable movement of water. It inspired three major collections: “Nor’eastern Dinghies,” “Sea Sculptures,” and “Glass, Liquid and Ice Capades.” In 2009, “Afloat on the Tide,” a book of Nancy’s photographs of small wooden boats, was published by Sheridan House.

For more on Nancy’s work, or to purchase, visit, Instagram: nancyrichphotography, or email:

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