Annual letter and membership drive

Dear members and friends of the PCA:

When the PCA shut its doors due to the pandemic back in March 2020, we had no idea how long the situation would last. Seven months later, we still await a time when the hall is again filled with the sounds of pre-concert chats, music, art gallery exhibits, and community theater. This forced “downtime” has afforded us a chance to reflect on what the PCA means to the hundreds of people who walk through its doors each season. 

The book “Death of the Artist” by William Deresiewicz, reviewed recently in the New Yorker, chronicles the struggle of artists and musicians to make a living in the face of recent trends that de-value their contributions. He concludes, somewhat optimistically: “We do not need the government to pay for art, or the rich with their philanthropy. We only need each other.”

What statement could be more emblematic of the PCA? We receive no government funding for our operations. Artists keep most of the sales proceeds from our art gallery exhibits. We book most concert acts for a fixed fee, not for free “exposure.” In our own small way, we are helping to address the inequities faced by artists today.

In this extraordinary season, the PCA is exploring ways to safely continue our mission. Virtual open mics with John Ferullo have continued thru Summer and Fall. We will start virtual Bollywood Karaoke evenings this Fall. On Sep 27, we hosted our first outdoor concert by pianists Stella Owen and Bonnie Anderson (look for an outdoor concert series next year!). A partnership with Westford CAT offers video interviews with the scheduled Artist-of-the-Month in lieu of in-person exhibits, which are postponed to 2021.

Due to an 80-90% anticipated drop in rental income, your membership dues are more important than ever to cover our on-going expenses. We ask that you generously support the PCA this year, so that we can welcome you back once the pandemic is finally in our rear-view mirror. Please start or renew your membership on our website. You can pay online or by check payable to “PCA” and mailed to P.O. Box 411, Westford, MA 01886.

It takes all of us as a community to keep the arts alive. As always, thank you for supporting the arts in Westford and the Merrimack Valley.

Raj Puranik

President, PCA Board of Directors

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