Annual letter and member appeal

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Dear PCA members and friends,

I can finally say it – the PCA has enthusiastically flung the doors open for our 23rd season! We are once again hosting concerts, rentals, and community events in the hall that veteran performer Don White fondly described as “a bar disguised as a church.” What does it feel like, opening eighteen months after our doors shut back in March 2020? If I’m honest, the feeling is not unlike that of a boxer, standing up after taking a knockout punch – not quite back to “normal,” unsure about what challenges the new season will bring, but ready to get back to the business of building community through the arts.

A quick recap of the last season (yes, we did have one). Due to the pandemic, the PCA adapted our offerings and found innovative ways to continue our mission, including some firsts:

– we partnered with WCAT to live-stream and broadcast a live performance of music from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” classic TV special

– John Ferullo continued his popular open mics on Zoom

– the PCA sponsored our first outdoor concerts and open mics with the new “Concerts on the Common” series

– Bridges by Epoch of Westford co-sponsored classical piano concerts at Westford Common

– we finalized an agreement with the Town of Westford to receive the Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds for long-planned renovations of the Bell Tower and other infrastructure

– we now accept credit cards for door sales at PCA-sponsored concerts

Despite a steep drop-off in memberships and donations, the PCA also managed to stay fiscally sound through prudent cost management. But to return to “normal operation” we must once again turn to you, our patrons, and the broader community for your generous support. We ask that you visit our website at to renew your membership and sustain our operations for the coming season.

Another equally important request this year is a call for volunteers. The PCA owes our success in large part to the tireless work of our volunteers. This year, we are looking to fill a variety of important positions, including book-keeper, concert sound tech, the WRAE art event, and program coordinator for the Westford Teen Arts Council (WTAC) our popular open mic program run by and for teens. Most volunteer work can be done from home with as little as two hours per week, and all positions offer the invaluable joy of contributing to our community’s well-being through promotion of the arts. Please refer to our website to browse our volunteer positions and let us know of your interest.


Raj Puranik

President, Board of Directors

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