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Westford Regional Art Event

2013 Westford Regional Art Event

Westford Regional Art Event


See more photos from the WRAE 2017 Reception here!







The Westford Regional Art Event is a volunteer-driven program with a passion and purpose to provide an annual event designed to showcase emerging and established artists within our immediate and surrounding communities.

Our goal is to encourage individuals of all ages to share their personal artistic expression through an open forum.


Coming February, 2018

Kick-Off Volunteer ReceptionPlanning Meetings
Calendar – dates for dropping off artwork, receptions, pickup dates/times, gallery hours, etc.
Size Limitations
Entry Fees
Registration +
More Information
+ PLEASE NOTE: Registering on-line is mandatory.  Artwork ID labels will be printed from information provided on-line.  Please proofread information carefully as it will be printed exactly as entered (including upper/lower case).  For those without internet access, please register by phone at (978)692-6333, Mon-Fri from 9:00 a.m. to noon.   
Online registration will be available February 20th, 2018.  
WRAE Kick-off Volunteer Reception takes place on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 at 6:30.  Snow date is Thursday, January 25th at 6:30
We need your help! Please join us for our volunteer kick-off Dessert & Wine Reception and learn more about how you can participate. This is our largest event of the year with over 500 pieces of artwork and twice as many attendees. And, it is run entirely by volunteers…like you!   For more info, please email:
WRAE Planning Meeting for co-chairs and volunteers will be held in March, 2018. in the upstairs classroom.  Please enter through the side door.

        Deliver artwork to the PCA:
            Sunday, March 11,   5:00 PM. 7:30 PM and
               Monday, March 12,  8:00 a.m. 11 a.m.
General Admission                            7 9 p.m.
PCA Members Only Preview           6:15          (Become a member – get in to the reception early!!)
Awards Presentation at                    7:45  p.m.
CHILDREN’S RECEPTION & AWARDS   Saturday, March 17th
General Admission                     1 3 p.m. 
Awards Presentation at               2 p.m.  
Saturday, March 17          10 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
Sunday, March 18             12 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday, March 24         10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sunday, March 25            11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
All artwork, including children’s art, will remain on display until March 25th. Please let us know if your art cannot hang until that date. 
General pickup:
Sunday, March 25, 3-5 pm.  All Adult, Young Adult and Children’s artwork MUST be picked up during these hours.
             The PCA is not responsible for storage or safety of artwork after this period. 

    Adult       (please note: the professional/amateur distinction has been eliminated)
    Young Adult (Grade 9 – age 21)   
    Grades K – 2
    Grades 3 – 5
    Grades 6 – 8               
Oil/Acrylic                                     Pastels
Photography                                 Metals/Jewelry
Watercolor                                   Sculpture
Drawing                                        Mixed Media           


 Limited to two original works per artist, up to size 24″ x 24″. If over 24″ height or width, only one entry is permitted (maximum 36″). The WRAE guarantees hanging at least one work for each artist. Every attempt will be made to hang all submitted work but, in the event of a lack of hanging space, please indicate your first choice by entering it as “Entry # 1.”
– Any work entered should not have been shown at a previous WRAE
– You do not need to be a Westford resident to participate
– You do not need to attend any of the receptions to participate.
– You (or a friend) must deliver and pickup the artwork on-time.  See the Calendar for specific dates/times. 

 All work must be ready to hang with secure eye hooks and hanging wire (see below for more details).  Sawtooth/Zigzag hanging bar and clips are not compatible with our hanging system. Children’s works should be framed or matted with a secure tab / wire for hanging. 
Making Sure your Artwork is Ready for Hanging
  1. For the safety of your work, and the work around it, all works should be framed and ready to hang with secure eye hooks and a hanging wire. Unframed canvases are acceptable as long as they have a hanging wire as we utilize a hanging system, not nails, to display the artwork.
  2. The PCA’s hanging system is not compatible with frames with a claw tooth (sawtooth, zigzag) hanging bar (which are designed to work with nails). Again, a hanging wire must be attached.
  3. Children’s works that are not framed must be matted and mounted with a securely attached hanging wire or secure tab on the back. Using a hot glue gun to secure the wire is one of the few methods that work. Tape of any kind (Duct, Masking, Scotch, etc) is not acceptable as the wire will slip through the tape. Works without secure hanging wires may be pinned to free-standing panels, and will not be hung on the wall.
The Artist’s name, address, phone number, the work’s title, category (Adult, YA or K-2, 3-5, 6-8), and price (or “NFS”) should be on the back of the work.
When you register on-line, we will print these ID labels for you to attach to your artwork.

Work may be offered for sale, but please, no PORs (price on request). If your work is not for sale, mark “NFS.” The PCA retains a 20% commission on all sales.

Artists may submit up to 2 entries, up to size 24″ x 24″. 
However, if the frame height or width exceeds 24 inches, then only 1 entry is permitted, with a maximum frame height or width of 36 inches.

Neither the PCA nor the WRAE is responsible for loss of or damage to any work submitted to this exhibition. Artists should carry their own insurance if desired. Submitting artwork to this exhibition implies agreement by the artist to these conditions.

Seniors (65+): $8 per work        Adults: $10 per work
Children/Teens/Young Adults: $5 per work
Make checks payable to “PCA.” Bring your artwork and payment to the PCA on a Receiving Date (see Calendar).  All entries are judged and prizes are awarded.

Available February, 2018 at
It’s very easy!  Artwork ID labels will be printed from information provided on-line. Please proofread information carefully as it will be printed exactly as entered (including upper/lower case). 
PLEASE NOTE: The registration time period ends prior to dropping off your artwork to enable us to pre-print ID labels, hanging labels and claim forms for your art. For those without internet access, call (978)692-6333, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – Noon to register by phone.  


(978) 692-6333