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Rent the PCA

The PCA is first and foremost an arts center so we give priority to scheduling our concerts, theatre events dances, and other arts-related events.  When time allows, we rent our space for private events.

Our complete rental policies including our rates are listed below after the photos.

Choose from either the first or second floor.   The first floor includes the main hall, gallery and the kitchen.  You’ll also have the use of 14 3-foot round party tables, 10 6-foot banquet tables, and 100+ chairs.  The kitchen comes equipped with an oven, microwave, and refrigerator.   Renters supply their own glassware, plates, linens, and utensils.

The 2nd floor room is generally used for teaching classes but is also available for rental.  It includes tables, chairs and a sink (but no other kitchen facilities).

Main Hall  – Our largest room, it’s approximately 1575 square feet with a 100 to 125 seating capacity depending on the number of tables set up. Our Steinway B grand piano that sits on the stage is also available to rent.

Main Hall looking towards the stage

Main Hall looking towards the stage

Decorated for a wedding, Jan 2014

Decorated for a wedding, Jan 2014




Main Hall looking into the Gallery

Main Hall looking into the Gallery and Kitchen




Wedding 2014

Decorated for a wedding. Jan 2014








Gallery looking towards the main hall

Gallery looking towards the main hall











The kitchen is complete with an oven, microwave, refrigerator and freezer.








The Second floor space is approximately 1035 square feet that can accommodate approximately 25-30 people.  This room includes a sink and counter area.  No kitchen facilities are available.  


2nd Floor


2nd Floor

2nd Floor





CAPACITY/RATES:       2017-2018 Rates 
First Floor Rentals
Capacity: approximately 100 – 125
Includes: entire first floor:  main hall, stage, gallery and kitchen – use of tables and chairs
Rates*: Friday/Saturday evenings (6pm – midnight) $65 per hour
Saturdays (before 6pm) and Sundays $55 per hour**
Weekdays $40 per hour**
Weekday Holidays $55 per hour**
Steinway Model B – $25 per rental
Theatre lights – $25 per rental

**Discounted rates for qualified arts-related rentals such as piano recitals, self-produced concerts, poetry readings, etc. are: Weekdays $35 per hour; Weekend Days (before 6pm) $45 per hour; Weekday Holidays $45 per hour

Second Floor Rentals
Capacity: approximately 25
Includes: second floor classroom – sink area – use of tables and chairs – no kitchen facilities
Rates*: Friday evening through Sunday evening $40 per hour
Weekdays $30 per hour

*Renters pay for entire time using the space including setup and cleanup time.

The PCA does not have a maintenance crew.  Renters setup any chairs, tables, etc and clean up afterwards including trash removal, sweeping crumbs off the floor, etc.  Renters pay for both setup and cleanup time.

Once a date/time is agreed upon, the renter receives a contract that they sign and return with payment.  Several days prior to the rental, the renter receives a key and a brief building orientation at a mutually agreed upon time.

Once the PCA has received a signed contract and payment, the following cancellation policies apply:

If the rental is cancelled more than 30 days in advance of the rental date, then the entire payment is refunded minus a $25 administrative fee.

If the rental is cancelled less then 30 days but more then 14 days in advance of the rental date, then 50% of the total rental fee is refunded minus a $25 administrative fee.  If the PCA is able to re-rent the building, then 100% is refunded minus a $25 administrative fee.

If the rental is cancelled 14 days or less to the rental date, then no payment is refunded.  If the PCA is able to re-rent the building, then 100% is refunded minus a $25 administrative fee.

The PCA has 14 three foot round tables, 10 six foot rectangular banquet tables, 2 eight foot rectangular banquet tables and over 100 chairs.  The first floor has a kitchen with an oven, refrigerator and microwave.  Renters must provide their own tablecloths if desired.

The PCA provides toilet paper and trash bags.  All other paper goods, dish towels, utensils, platters, etc. are the responsibility of the renter.

The PCA does not have air conditioning.  The windows in the main hall are stained glass and cannot be opened.  In addition, no artwork is on the walls during the summer months.  For these reasons, we do not rent the hall during the summer


First floor renters have full use of the kitchen during their rental hours.  For adult rentals, alcohol can be served (responsibly) once permission is obtained from the Board of Directors. Renters wishing to sell alcohol during their event must obtain appropriate permit and one-day license from the Town of Westford. The PCA does not have an “approved list of caterers” although we can recommend caterers if requested.


Renters may hire a band or DJ to perform at their function.  Because the PCA is located in a residential neighborhood, all music must stop by 11 p.m. on weekends and 10 p.m. on weeknights.  Out of respect for our residential neighbors, please exit the building quietly at the end of your function.  Fog machines cannot be used as the PCA fire alarm system will sound.  See additional rules for renters under age 25.

Decorations are allowed, however, must be completely removed at the conclusion of the contracted time period.  Push pins are preferable over tape which can leave a sticky residue or can damage the painted walls or woodwork.  Temporary, stick-on hooks, duct tape and nails are not allowed.

The PCA does not have a parking lot.  Patrons may park along both sides of Lincoln Street, in front of the library on Main Street as well as along Connell Drive.  If the library and/or town hall is closed, parking is available in their parking lots.  Designated parking spaces are available in the fire station lot on weekends and holidays, and after 4 pm on weekdays. Parking at the Westford Museum is by permission only…please call 978-692-5550 to speak with the Museum Director. Parking in the Connolly Insurance Co. driveway is prohibited at all times. NOTE: The Town of Westford enforces a Winter Parking Ban so street parking may be restricted during winter months.  Contact the Westford Police for details at 978-692-2161.

Because the PCA is an arts center, arts-related programs receive priority for scheduling dates.  Private rentals for the season (September through June) are scheduled after August 1st.  Arts-related rentals that are open to the public are scheduled after July 1st.  The PCA building is closed in July and August for repairs and renovations, however, the business office remains open, so feel free to contact us at 978-692-6333 or via email at




The PCA gets many requests from teens to rent the space to host their own concerts.  With a concern for safety, teen bands and renters under age 25 must adhere to these additional rules:

A parent must take responsibility for the rental.  The responsible parent signs the contract and must be in the building for the entire duration of the rental period.  The parent ensures a 1:10 parent:teen chaperone ratio for the event.  Westford police must be hired for the duration of the event by calling 978-692-2161.  The police normally direct traffic outside the building as parents drop off/pick up their children.  Teens must provide their own sound equipment if desired. Music must stop by 10:30 p.m.