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June 2018 newsletter

Dear Friends,

For the past 18 years, the PCA has delivered art, music and other live performances to the greater Westford community. That’s amazing when you think about it. Several Westford businesses have come and gone during that time. Old neighbors have moved on and new friends have arrived. But one of the constants in our community has been the PCA. So how does the PCA remain such a vital organization with new volunteers and programs every season?

I believe it’s the dedication and commitment we receive from all of you. With your help this past season, we held a successful fundraising event for Nuday Syria, introduced an Indian folk-dance series, and received a “best venue” nomination from the 2018 Merrimack Valley Magazine Awards. But maybe the best example is the annual Westford Regional Art Event. No other event at the PCA brings in such a large group of volunteers and participants. This year alone, we welcomed 307 artists, who submitted 482 pieces of artwork to our show. In addition, we had 110 hardworking volunteers making it all happen behind the scenes.

To me, that truly sums up what the PCA is at its core. It’s volunteers that are passionate about bringing art and live performances to our community. It’s talented performers and artists seizing the opportunity to share their craft. And it’s the community coming together to support these events by their attendance and participation. Without the involvement and support of all of you, our building would just be another beautiful, historic building on the common. It’s the people in our community that bring the PCA to life each and every year.

This year we ask that you continue to support the PCA through your membership contribution so we can keep sharing these programs with all of you. We are also still raising money for our bell tower fund, so please consider making an additional donation to that project by sending a check to the PCA with “bell tower fund” noted in the memo. Contributors to the bell tower fund will be recognized on the PCA website and those who donate $5,000 or more will be acknowledged on a plaque that will be permanently displayed at the PCA.

Thank you again for everything you do to help us bring season after season of memorable programs to the Westford area. We are inspired by all of you who make up this community we call the PCA.

With warmest regards,

Jan Bryson
President, Parish Center for the Arts

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