Young People’s “Gavel Club Speakers” at J.V. Fletcher Library

The Gavel Club is open  to all students ages 14-18.  Who  are the Gavel Club Speakers? Charter member, Nitish, shares, “As the Vice President Public Relations, I want to spread the news about this club for students. Do you want to make new friends, be able to drive conversations better, and learn how to give a fluent, effective speech all at once?  Gavel Club Speakers could be the group you’re looking for. It’s an amazing program with a lot of fun activities and learning combined.  When you join this community club, you’ll be able to speak and get supportive, valuable feedback from members.  In a typical 60-minute meeting, we cover three main activities. First, we listen to speakers who signed up for prepared speeches.  Second, we do “table topics” which is speaking impromptu or “ off-the-cuff”. Third, we conduct evaluations on the speeches and the meeting as a whole. No big competition is involved here — just constructive, entertaining, and productive learning on how to communicate better. The club projects help you prepare speeches, reduce or eliminate nervousness, and become better leaders. Speeches are often a requirement for school assignments, school admissions or job interviews so it’s important to adapt to that sooner than later. The younger students start, the sooner their advantage in the world of communication and leadership. Gavel club friends are there to help.”

The club runs all year long. Guests can visit the club any time to see if it is something of interest to them. Feedback received from members and guests has been very positive. The Gavel Club meets from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm every Wednesday at the J.V. Fletcher Library, Westford MA. Stop by and give it a try.  For questions, please contact Counselor, Ms. Lynch at 978-692-5756.

For ages 14-18

Learn Speaking & Leadership Skills from the Best of its Kind Worldwide – Toastmasters!

Think of the successful leaders you know. They probably have one trait in common – the ability to communicate effectively. This non-profit club, named Gavel Club Speakers, will help members (ages 14-18) learn how to write speeches and deliver them. Gavel-club members will also learn how to listen well, evaluate, and lead. Members may join any time and will practice and learn in a friendly, fun, comfortable environment among peers who are there for the same reason – to become better communicators. For teens shaking in their boots about the mere thought of public speaking or taking on leadership roles, they won’t be for long! Members will increase their self-confidence as they learn. They will also make new friends and have fun. Guests are welcome.

Members will learn to:

• Overcome nervousness when speaking before an audience.
• Organize and present ideas logically and convincingly.
• Listen carefully to others’ ideas.
• Offer advice to help others improve their speaking and leadership skills.
• Participate in – and even lead – group discussion or meetings.
• Acquire skills needed for class presentations, and future college and job interviews.

Gavel Club Speakers yearly dues – $30 per year

Every Wednesday • 4:30 – 5:30 PM ongoing throughout year at J.V. Fletcher Library, 50 Main St., Westford, MA 01886

Register for the launch at
Kathy Lynch, DTM
Immediate Past President, Temecula Toastmasters Club
Member, Westford Expressions Toastmasters Club
Counselor, Gavel Club Speakers, Westford, MA:
Toastmasters International:
(978) 692-5756
More information:
Toastmasters Launch Teen Gavel Club Speakers Program!
Public speaking is one of the scariest things for many persons to do. Yet, it is very important to be able to speak in front of people, to communicate, to inspire, persuade, teach, and lead.  Teenagers have particular needs in regards to public speaking. They are called upon to speak in class and deliver oral presentations. They need to promote themselves to their first employers at interviews. They need to interview for private schools, colleges, and universities. They may even need to deliver a graduation speech. Teenagers benefit tremendously from communicating well with others and speaking up in their lives.  Mastery of public speaking will set them apart from peers in a competitive world.
Adults join Toastmasters clubs around the world to learn how to become better speakers and leaders. Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations. The organization has more than 313,000 members in more than 14,650 clubs in 126 countries. Some of the skills learned through Toastmasters include writing and delivering effective speeches, evaluating speeches constructively, speaking well off-the cuff, and running organized meetings.
Gavel Clubs are for populations that don’t meet the traditional Toastmasters membership requirement such as age. Toastmasters are required to be at least eighteen years of age. However, Gavel Club members may be younger. Gavel Clubs are just like Toastmasters clubs – just run by teenagers rather than adults. An experienced adult Counselor is always present, though, to keep the teenagers on track and in line.
In Westford, a new Gavel Club for teenagers, ages 14 to 18, will be chartered on January 7th, 4:30-5:30 PM. The club will meet all year long on Wednesdays at the J.V. Fletcher Library. The launch meeting will have adult Toastmasters from local clubs present to demonstrate to the teens how the meeting flows. Parents may stay to watch. The registration/payment form is located at Please register early as space is limited and materials need to be ordered. The fee is very affordable at $30 per year. All money collected goes to the club itself. Guests are welcome and new members may join at any time of the year. Additional information may be attained by calling Ms. Lynch at 978-692-5756.
By participating in the Gavel Club Speakers, teenage members will be well on their way to conquering their own fears and faults in public speaking. They will be well equipped as future speakers and leaders!