Supporting music education in the Westford Public Schools

WPS Music Program - Links and Calendar

The Westford Public Schools offer a nationally recognized music education program. Through the efforts of outstanding faculty, a committed school administration, and a supportive community, students benefit from a rich variety of performance ensembles and coursework. Formal ensembles start in third grade and continue through high school.

Besides the specific teacher sites below, there is an informative Westford Strings program site. Even band students will find useful info there.

Looking for musical activities this summer?

Check out the Westford Summer Music and Arts Program for elementary and middle schoolers! A great week of orchestra and band immersion.

Elementary School

Band Trish Gately
Strings (Day and Abbot) Todd Hamelin
Chorus (Day) Kristin Lampros
Chorus (Abbot) Kathy Lanno
Chorus (Crisafulli) Laurie Oliver
Strings (Crisafulli) Susan Turcotte-Gavriel

Middle School

Middle Schools Band Vicki Garino
Middle School Strings Julie Ottesen
Stony Brook Chorus Andrea Watson
Blanchard Chorus D. Benschneider

Westford Academy

In addition to Orchestra, Band, and Choir, Westford Academy offers numerous smaller ensembles such as the Jazz Band, Troubadours, and WAcapella.

WA Bands Michael Soo
Strings Ken Culver
Choir Karen St. George