Supporting music education in the Westford Public Schools

About Us

FAME has been supporting music education at all grade levels of Westford Public Schools since 1983. It is a non-profit parent volunteer organization. FAME ensures opportunities for both music teachers and students to enrich their educational environment through a variety of music endeavors.

Supporting music education through:

  • Grants to fund teacher and student requests for music supplies, equipment, and support costs for music related extra-curricular events
  • Student scholarships to attend summer music camps
  • Scholarships for graduating seniors who have committed themselves to music education during their tenure at Westford Academy
  • Recognition awards for deserving students in band, chorus, and orchestra at the elementary and middle school level

Music projects funded include:

  • Eagle Scout Project to digitize the Westford Academy music library
  • Travel funds for West Street Serenaders to participate in festivals
  • Headphones for Stony Brook chorus
  • Junior/Senior District Competition transportation
  • Valentine's Day Strings nursing home transportation
  • Music for WA Pep Band
  • Dance Music for WA Jazz Band
  • Xylophones for elementary schools
  • Whiteboards for elementary schools
  • Music transposition software

FAME Officers:

  • Sona Pillai - President
  • Marina Wong - Vice-President
  • Anne-Louise Tangring - Vice President
  • Kathryn Elmer - Secretary
  • Kathleen Bernard - Secretary
  • Kate Andrews - Treasurer
  • Raj Puranik - Web Master
  • Mary Hartmann - Strategic Consultant

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