Upcoming Events


  February 3 - Handball Club (7:30am), STEM Club (2:30-3:45pm)

  February 4 -Orchestra (7:30am), Yearbook Club (7:30am), Grade 5 Chorus Rehearsal at WA (8:15-10:30am), PTO School Store

  February 5 - Band (7:30am), Board Game Club (7:30am), World Read Aloud Day, Winter Walk to School Day, Early Release (11:40am dismissal), Townwide Chorus Concert (7:00pm)

  February 6 - Handball Club (7:30am), Ghosts & Goblins (2:30-3:30pm), STEM Club (2:30-3:45pm)

  February 7 - Newspaper Club - Issue #2 (7:15-8:15am), Spanish Club Session #2 (7:30am), PTO Cabin Fever Bingo Night (6-7pm)

  February 10 - Handball Club (7:30am), Grade 3: Plimoth Plantation, STEM Club (2:30-3:45pm), Play Auditions (2:30-4:30pm)

  February 11 - Orchestra (7:30am), Yearbook Club (7:30am), Grade 3: Plimoth Plantation, Grade 5 STARLAB, Play Auditions (2:30-4:30pm), SAC Mtg (3-4pm)

  February 12 - Band (7:30am), Board Game Club (7:30am), Book Club (2:30-3:30pm), Play Auditions (2:30-4:30pm)

  February 13 - Handball Club (7:30am), Ghosts & Goblins (2:30-3:30pm), STEM Club (2:30-3:45pm)

  February 14 - Spanish Club Session #2 (7:30am), HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY


  February 24 - STEM Club (2:30-3:45pm)

  February 25 - Orchestra (7:30am), Yearbook Club (7:30am), Environmental Club (7:30am)

  February 26 - Band (7:30am), PTO Mtg (2:50-3:50pm)

  February 27 - Student Council (7:30am), Ghosts & Goblins (2:30-3:30pm), STEM Club (2:30-3:45pm), Field Day Committee Mtg (2:50-3:50pm)

  February 28 - Spanish Club Session #2 (7:30am)

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Welcome to Abbot Elementary School PTO webpage.  We are parents and teachers working together to make Abbot School a remarkable, engaging educational environment for our students.  Parent support is vital to our mission. Thank you for all you do to support your students through the PTO!



The 2019 Race for Education, which is our biggest fundraiser of the year, will be held on November 27.  Last year we raised over $9,000 for Abbot School thanks to your help and participation! The Race Committee has been hard at work on this year’s event, and we have some great new prizes for the students due to very generous community donations.
You can submit addresses for friends and family who may want to sponsor your child HERE.
We need volunteers not just for Race Day, but also to help prepare sponsor mailers and process donations.  If you’re interested in helping with the Race, you can sign up HERE.


Please email the Race Committee at nabandabbotraceforeducation@gmail.com with any questions or concerns that you might have,

You can easily donate to the Race for Education using the Paypal button to the right.  Your contribution helps make Abbot a wonderful place for our students.