2017-Started —- Westford 6th Annual Winter Photo Contest and Westford Snow Sculpture Contest


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Westford Snow Sculpture 2017 – and Winter Photo contest

Deadline to submit any Photos for both contest is midnight, March 30, 2017

Individuals, businesses or other Westford location.  see samples below – send in photos of sculptures by no later than midnight on March 302017. Judges need to visit sculptures if at all possible before deadline of March 30th.  The sooner you send in your photo of the sculpture – the judges can view the sculpture.   If possible we are trying to schedule a “Westford Snow Sculpture Day Building Contest  – for March –  Watch for updates  and snow updates 

Open to Westford residents/Businesses/Organizations/Schools only 

  • Home/business/Organization Sculpture Contest – Start date  – February 1 2017 
  • ***Westford School/Preschool/Daycare Contest – started February 5, 2017
  • BE CREATIVE:  with your winter –   Snowman, Snow Houses, Snow figures, or your own sculpture.
  • Rules and requirements for Snow building:

    1.Sculptures should be placed in an easily accessible area for ease in judging and seeing by the public.

    2.There is no theme, but sculptures must be in good taste and family friendly.

    3.Non-toxic dyes and props may be used.

    4.Contestants participate at their own risk.

  •  The Westford Winter FunFest Committee and WestfordCAT will not be held responsible for any personal injury or loss of or damage to any personal property.

  •  The Westford Winter FunFest Committee and Westford CAT reserves the right to acquire all visual documentation (including photos) and to use the documentation for promotional and informational purposes without indemnity to the participants.

  •  ***Special Division: Westford School Classes  &  Westford Child Care Centers
    WestfordCAT and Westford Winter FunFest Committee are issuing a challenge to all K-12 schools and Child Care Centers  in Westford to show their winter spirit and transform their school yards and play areas into a Winter Wonderland. Build snow sculptures of your school/child care center’s mascot, favorite animals, cartoon characters, or even your favorite teacher!  All K-12 schools/child care centers that register a snow sculpture will be entered into a drawing for a special  Gift Certificate to Staples or Michael ‘s  for their Classroom/School/Child Care Center.

Judging points will be given for Creativity,winter theme, location & ??? for both contests

Samples from past years

Brad Mills lighted snow sculpture2 2013Winner - adult Ice Sculpture 1C

Flat Snowman Stony Brook School 8th Grade

Mexican Snowman = Stony Brook Middle School 8th Grade

Westford Family FunFest & Westford CAT  will be sponsoring the 5th Annual Westford Winter Photo Contest from Feb 1 – March 15 2017

Take Winter Photos of Westford (must be photos from 2017)…  be creative in your photography –  Contest is open to Westford residents, businesses, organizations and schools. #2 – Westford Winter Photo Contest:  sponsored by WestfordCAT 

  • Take a photo of any winter scene in Westford only – contest starts February 1, 2017 and deadline March 15, 2017. . 
  • Email up to 3 photos to funfest@westford.org.  include the name of the participants, , Division ( see below), Theme of photo/place,  address and a phone number.  If under 18 , Parents/leaders name must be included. 

    Voting will be on the WestfordCAT Facebook page –  starting March 16-20, 2017

   Thank you to WestfordCAT for sponsoring the Winter Photo contest  2017 and having the voting for the winner on the Westford CAT Facebook page.

Samples of 2016 Contest

Carol Orton -Sunset on the Nab Lake Shoreline

Carol Orton - Sunset on the shoreline of Nab Lake

1st Place Winner


George Demetrious – Winter on Nab Lake – After the Storm

George Demetriou - Photo of Nab lake - Feb storm

George Demetriou - 2nd Place Winter Photo Contest 2nd Place Winner – picked up his check at WestfordCAT

 Alex Harkness – Westford Winter in the Ponds

Alex Harkness - Winter in Westford 1

3rd Place Winner

See all the other photos below….

Alex Harkness…  Fallen tree in Westford Pond

Alex Harkness - Winter in Westford Pond 1 2016

Muriel Prentice

1) Spring is coming in the snow
Prentice Family SpringSprung during winter 2016

2) Winter  at the Edge of Westford Lake Dam
Printice Family BridgeOver snowy Waterfall

3) Lonely bench in Westford winter
Prentice Family - SpringThaw in Westford

 Ruth Blair -Sunshine after the Storm
Ruth Blair - after the storm

Fairview Beauty in the Snow

Ruth Blair - Fairview beauty



Christopher Walsh -Snow on the Edge of  a Westford Roof

Christopher Walsh - snow



 Westford Forest of Snow

Christopher Walsh - Snow and trees





Limbs of Westford Winter

Christopher Walsh - limbs covered in snow

 DIVISIONS:  Prizes ( for each contest – Snow Sculpture and Winter Photos Contest )

  • Family/children                                                                $25 Prize
  • Groups (scouts, youth groups,etc)                            $25 Prize
  •  Adults/Businesses  (High school & older) built    $25 Prize  
  • Most Popular Westford Sculpture and Westford Winter Photo   Watch for more details. Prize – $25

Special Certificates will be given for 2nd and 3rd Place – photos will be sent to the media and displayed at the J.V. Fletcher Library . ts

Winners will be announced by April 1, 2017…..

In addition to being recognized as the best Westford Snow Sculptors and Winter Photographers in Westford for 2016, Winners will have your sculpture/winter  photo displayed on  WestfordCAT website & Access TV,  photo  will be submitted to different media outlets,  and included as a possible picture in the Roudenbush Community Center Winter Brochure 2017 and a Cash Prize (see above).
Each sculpture and photo will be displayed on the 2017  Westford Snow Sculpture Photo page at Westford Family FunFest.

How to Register:

All Westford residents, K-12 schools , youth organizations, and business sculptures must register with Westford Family FunFest  as soon as their sculptures/photos are completed and email 2-3 digital pictures of the sculpture/winter photo…send them  to funfest@westford.org or mail to Westford Family FunFest PO Box 134 Westford, MA 01886 .
  • A list of completed sculptures will be listed on  www.westford.org/funfest so that the Westford Community can visit the sculptures. The judging committee will try to visit each sculpture and view the digital pictures.
ALL SNOW SCULPTURES and Westford Winter Photos MUST BE COMPLETED, PHOTOGRAPHED AND EMAILED to funfest@westford.org  or mailed  to Westford Family FunFest POBox 134 Westford, MA 01886 by no later than  midnight, March 15, 2017.

Watch for Date of –  Build on Special Westford Snow Sculpture Day in early March, 2016  – no date yet because of lack of snow. 


Watch  website for any updates or changes.